Who am I?

That's a question we ask ourselves a lot isn't it?
I can't help you with that but I can tell you some about me.
I go by Gal pretty often on the web so feel free to call me that
I'm 22, and my birthday is in October.

I am currently studying computer science and hating every second of it.
I'm a former recluse, with an intrest in most things aviation.
I have no consistant style although I really like pink and hearts as evidenced by the site.
However I typicaly dress like a child that just discovered Hot Topic,
therefore I call myself a goblin.

This isn't my first neocities website and probably won't be my last.
I love the look of older websites and have found myself in some stick situations due to it
I'm obsessed with the Mothman to the point where my family has declared us to be married. I hope this site looks pretty tacky because that's my goal.

I'm scared of nearly everyone and everything so I like to act tough and unaproachable,
but really I'm afraid of rejection, so I push people away before they can push me away.
I dream of running away and bathing under the neon lights, becoming a new person.
Sometimes I feel like everything is a nightmare and one day I'll wake up.

Recovering potty mouth, lover of dad jokes, rebel with a fear of authority,
puntastic, goblin, and as one viewer on twitch once said "you look like every nerdy girl from every movie"
are a few things that sumerize me.